Our Story

Cranfield Solutions was established in 2003. It was set up, and continues to be run, by engineers with a background supplying high quality machinery and equipment to the plastics industry. We have extensive experience of a vast range of products and materials, including difficult-to-process high-performance technical materials. Our expert knowledge of the equipment we use, gives us a unique understanding of the principles of injection moulding. We apply this expertise to our processes to give our clients consistent quality and precision with the utmost efficiency.


Optimise the injection moulding process

We take your tool and spend time optimising our process to ensure a high-quality finished product.


Production part approval

We provide you with samples, and once everything is agreed, we lock in the process settings.


Defined quality standards

On our production run, we produce a “Key Points Diagram” (KPD) that lists the key points to which production parts will conform, and provide you with it.


High quality and traceable production

We commence production runs in-line with and checked against the KPD, guaranteeing high quality and traceability.


Design and material consultation

We offer technical advice on your design and choice of material.


Mould flow analysis

We simulate moulding with specialist software, letting us define the optimum process and best tool configuration.


Design for Manufacture report

We provide you with a Design for Manufacture (DFM) report laying out suggestions for enhanced tool quality and production efficiency.


Precision made tools

We create the tool, test it, provide you with samples, and make any required alterations. We keep going through this process until you’re happy.