Helping to create a greener tomorrow

There is one thing we won’t help to manufacture at Cranfield Solutions: an ecological crisis. We take our duty of care to the world around us very seriously, and believe in putting the environment first, no matter what. To that end, we have worked (and will continue to work) hard in two areas:

We are reducing our carbon footprint

At Cranfield, we are dedicated to lowering our carbon emissions. That means each and every one of us making an effort to live within the lowest carbon boundaries possible, travelling to work via bike, on foot, or via public transport when possible. It also means minimising our energy usage, and making our manufacturing as green as we can, producing less pollution and creating less overall waste.

We are putting sustainability on a pedestal

We are all aware that some plastics are more environmentally friendly than others. While we offer clients a full-range of standard and non-standard materials, when we think it would be beneficial to them to use a more sustainable plastic, we will help them to select one. We also practise what we preach when it comes to sustainability, making sure that we use sustainable materials for furniture, packaging, etc., whenever possible.