New client win due to assistance needed for accuracy and design

Cranfield Solutions were approached by a new client. They had a number of different parts injection moulded by another supplier, but were unhappy with the accuracy of the parts compared to their design. More importantly they found parts differed significantly from batch to batch.

The components form part of a developing cutting edge system. Many dimensions require accuracy with tolerances of under 0.1mm. Confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Many of the mouldings Cranfield Solutions supply require access to our partner’s intellectual property. Before taking on a project of this type we are happy to enter into the client’s non-disclosure agreement.

First we produced tools with trial parts thoroughly tested and approved by the customer.  We then reproduced the accuracy required in a full production run with the same consistent parts throughout.

During a part’s first production run we produce our Key Point Diagram. This document highlights all the important details to which the injection moulded parts must conform. This information is produced in partnership with and approved by our client.

Our new client was so please with parts received they have commissioned further tools for more parts. The parts produced are more accurate than the parts from their original supplier, they are consistent batch to batch, and cost less per part.

Cranfield Solutions are now the new client’s go-to supplier for all injection mouldings.